My Story

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Born and raised in the Metro-Detroit area to immigrant parents that resettled in the US from Baghdad, Iraq.  My most commonly asked question is "what is your background"? 

I am Chaldean, Google it!

I lived in Michigan until my mid 20's, moved for work to South Florida for 4 years - how  I miss Miami winters!  I then moved from Florida to Los Angeles, California for one year via a promotion.  I didn't LOVE LA at that time in my life, and was offered another promotion and relocation to NYC!  And here I am. 

All of these moves were with Live Nation Entertainment,within 9.5 years.  It was a priceless experience.  I started off as an entry level staff accountant working my way up to the Director!  I've met so many people from every side of the industry, they have become family to me until this day.  I always had a passion for entertainment and dreamed of being an actress or writer for a comedy show, just to be a part of it.  So when I realized I should go to college, and accounting was actually easy for me, I was taken back when I started doing accounting behind the scenes of my favorite past-time ----live music!

After leaving Live Nation I started working in the talent agency world, but still in music.  I love it as it's a bit more quiet and I can enjoy work/life balance with my daughter who was born on January 26, 2016.

I am now the Vice President of Finance for Roc Nation.  I've learned that you can manifest your dreams into reality!  

Why did I start LisaBashiShow?

I'm always asked, "where did you get that outfit", "how do you do your makeup", "can you style me", "can you decorate my house", etc.  I figured maybe what's easy for me could be helpful for others! 

What's it like being a SINGLE MOM with no family nearby in a BIG CITY and working as a VP in the Entertainment Industry?

Well, it's definitely NOT easy!  But we manage to get it done and make the best out of it.   The struggle is always real as a mom as it is, then add the nuances of the subway stairs with a stroller and it gets even more real!  The beauty is having Central Park and amazing museums as our backyard.  Mom guilt is also a non biased feeling, single or not, but someone's got to work! 

Hope you enjoy and come back often!

Love -

Lisa Bashi

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