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MeAhMee (Miami) - Recap of Bday Weekend!

MeAhMee (Miami) - Recap of Bday Weekend!

2017 has been the toughest year of my life yet, and I'm not exaggerating.   I do have my beautiful daughter that I am thankful, blessed and very appreciative for.  I'm sure one day in the future, hopefully near future, I can look back and say aha! that's why all of that happened, thanks for the tough love God!

With all that I decided I needed a quick getaway for my birthday weekend.  I had the typical guilt of leaving my daughter for a few days, but luckily I have wonderful friends that reminded me that I really needed this now more than ever. And they were RIGHT!

Miami has always been my go-to spot, before and after living there for 4 years, when I need a quick getaway with guaranteed relaxation and amazing weather.   I was able to convince two of my great friends to come along for the trip as it was Labor Day weekend, also known as BEYDAY (you'll soon get to know that I don't only love Beyonce, I feel like we are connected thru our shared birthdays).  As you can imagine, I didn't need to twist their arms to convince them to say yes. 

Where We Stayed:

The W South Beach Hotel property is my favorite and only place that I will stay.  The location is perfect (21st and Collins Ave).  It's oceanfront - which is great because I love to leave my stuff on my pool chair and run to the beach for a quick dip in the ocean, and come back - can't deal with sand all day!  The vibe at the pool is always perfect, welcoming for young, old, families (but not screaming children families) - let's call them sophisticated families.  Let's put it this way, I went there with my girlfriends, but yet I also took Jamila there when she was 10 weeks old.  The food is consistently great.  The service impeccable. The lounge area and club in the hotel area also still hot and trendy after all these years.  The rooms have kept up very nicely.  Each room has a balcony.  Your room gets cleaned during the day and then you have turn down service while you are out for dinner (or while you're still in the room glamming up). I could go on and on.

Where We Ate:

Coming from NYC, I don't set expectations high for food in Miami.  We kept it simple and casual this trip.  Most of our lunches were at the hotel pool because we did not want to sacrifice our tanning time!  One day we managed to leave for a bit and go to my favorite sandwich spot Le Sandwhicherie.  Do yourself a favor and share the sandwich - they are huge!  We also convinced ourselves to stop at KITH for some ice cream - vanilla ice cream blended with your favorite cereals!  For dinner one night we went to my friend's pizza restaurant Lucali's.  It's originally from Brooklyn, but it seems it's easier for me to travel to Miami than to commute to Brooklyn from Harlem.  They have the BEST pizza I've ever had in my life - EVER - and I've been to Italy - and I've had alot of pizza!  Their meatballs and kale salad is also excellent (only at Miami location - BK serves with pies only). We also had dinner at Cecconi's in the Soho Beach House Miami for my birthday dinner.  Cecconi's in every location does a great job with the beautiful atmosphere and decor.  The food was OK and the service was......... not great, but again, I've lived in Miami and it's a different vibe so you have to change your expectations.  The Key Lime Pie made up for it though!

After Dusk:

Since this trip was more about relaxing, sun and regrouping my energy about life, we did not have any plans to club it up in Miami.  We definitely hopped around to a few hotels for drinks in the lobbies and maybe had a drink at a club or two before we realized everyone was SO YOUNG and we would rather eat again or sleep!  One hotel to check out is the Faena Hotel.  Besides the fact that the interior decor in every room is absolutely gorgeous.  The crowd was definitely a more mature crowd throughout the different bars and lounges in the hotel.

Lucky for us, Kendrick Lamar was performing the last show of his tour at the American Airlines Arena one night we were there - and since it's so easy for us to go to a show - my two friends both work for Live Nation currently, and I was there for 9 years - it's safe to say we are connected in the US whenever there is a concert.  It was a great show, we had great seats - it was the perfect way to spend a vacation night!

Can't wait for my next trip!  Art Basel maybe? 

Let me know below what you love about Miami and if you have any tips! 


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