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Bashi's Famous KALEdean Salad (Kale + Chaldean)

Bashi's Famous KALEdean Salad (Kale + Chaldean)

I can confidently say that every single person that has tried my soon-to-be famous Kale salad has asked me for the recipe, asked me to make it when they come over and asked me to bring it when I go to their home. I make this salad 3 times week (and the leftovers are good for the next day and the day after!!!!)

I’m almost embarrassed to share the recipe as it’s SO SIMPLE - but those are usually the best ones right?!  With this salad it’s all about the quality and freshness of your ingredients and scaling the measurements for the amount of Kale.

Tip - Make this salad before you make the rest of your dinner or earlier in the day.  The more time the kale has to soak in the ingredients, the better! 

Bonus points - this salad is great the day after or two days after, yes with the dressing already mixed in!

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What at you need: 

  • Kale - 1 bunch
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Lemon - 1 medium/large  
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh Ground Pepper
  • Parmesan Cheese - fresh block
  • Caesar Croutons
  • White Bowl for rinsing
  • Salad Spinner (Optional but more Eco-friendly than paper towels!)
  • Jalepeños fresh and diced (Optional and so great!)


  1. Cut up kale from sides of stem into bite size pieces, leaving stem bare.  Discard stems or save for your juicing if you're that GOOD.
  2. Rinse kale in a white bowl.  I use a white bowl to make it easier to see when the water actually drains clear.  Kale is so coarse that it holds on to a lot of dirt and bugs.  Rinse a few times!  Or eat the bugs - I hear they are protein rich!
  3. Dry kale - I use a salad spinner to be Eco-friendly on the paper towels, plus Jamila loves to push down the spinner.
  4. Place kale back into serving bowl (I just use the same white bowl), and drizzle with olive oil.  I know you want an exact measurement here, but it's really all dependent on the amount of kale and the coarseness.  Drizzle generously because kale needs to soak it up and soften up.  Put enough that the kale will all be coated when it's time to mix.
  5. Add one freshly squeezed lemon (you'll have to cut the lemon in half :)
  6. Sprinkle kosher salt.  I suggest kosher salt for this recipe because it is coarse and can handle the kale.  Again, i don't have an exact measurement but my aunt always taught me that you can always add salt later but you can never take it away!  Sprinkle a few pinches!
  7. Add fresh ground black pepper (grind it yourself).  Just a few grinds.
  8. Grate fresh Parmesan with a cheese grater and add to bowl (I just grate right on top of the rest of the ingredients of the bowl).
  9. Add Caesar croutons to taste.
  10. Now is the most crucial step to all of this - MIX WITH YOUR HANDS.  Wash them again if you have guests so they can see you have super clean hands before getting in there!  MASSAGE all of the ingredients together.  I have been to so many restaurants where the kale salads could be so much better if they just massaged the kale with the ingredients! 
  11. Wash hands - optional but please do! 
  12. Add diced jalapeños, again optional but great if you want a little kick.  I like to massage the kale before i add the jalapeños just in case i forget a seed in there and my hands start burning.
  13. EAT!  I always taste a few pieces to make sure I'm satisfied with how much I used of everything.......and then I just keep tasting and tasting until I have to stop myself or it will all be gone before the rest of my meal is ready!



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