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Halsey @ Barclay's Center - Brooklyn!

Halsey @ Barclay's Center - Brooklyn!

The first question people ask when they learn I work in the music industry is “so can you get me free tickets”. No I can’t. But if you’re one of my besties then you always have the opportunity to be my plus one. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be someone else's plus one.... like tonight.

An old colleague/close friend of mine invited me to the Halsey show in Brooklyn. Funny enough, Halsey is a client for the agency I’m currently working for, but without a friend nudging to go check her out, I would have  sat home in my Friday night PJ's missing my Mooshi while she’s with her dad for the weekend. 

I decided to ignore my Netflix and carry out temptations, and told my depression to hit the road. Friday the 13t is going to be fun.  

Working in the “industry” has its perks, but of course I’ve earned the after working endless nights in multiple venues across the country to then report to the office the next morning.  

It’s easy to get jaded and not appreciate the access to backstage passes (not as glamorous as many people imagine), drink tickets, catering, great seats and most importantly....... backstage bathrooms!  

We started off the night by having drinks at Live Nation's new office building in Chelsea, right across the street from Chelsea Market - talk about LOCATION!  Why couldn't they have moved there when I worked there and spared me from Times Square!?  There is a ROOFTOP BAR with amazing views and the company is having the bar staffed with a bartender from 4-7 each workday for the first month after the move.  Again, why did I leave?! 

Back to Halsey..... she was GREAT.  I forgot that I actually knew many of her songs!  Even the ones I wasn't familiar with, I ended up looking them up after the show because of her amazing voice and performance.  I was expecting her to have short blonde hair, but I guess shes ever changing.  I ended up seeing the Halsey with long brown hair.  Her fans knew every singe word of every song.  It was a great crowd of teenagers and young adults truly enjoying live music. 

There was also a surprise guest..... G EAZY!  He's a cutie, and was pretty good on stage.  I think I heard they have a romance going on... true story? 

Fun Facts about Halsey:  Although she was born and grew up in New Jersey, she spent a lot of her life hanging out in Brooklyn, near the HALSEY subway station stop.  HALSEY is also an anagram of her name ASHLEY.  How cool is that?!

What will my next concert be?  Stay tuned!



Mom I'm on TV!

Mom I'm on TV!

Taxi!!!!! It's Raining!

Taxi!!!!! It's Raining!